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A little about myself...


Right, now it's time for the lovely couple to get to know me!

Hi there! My name is Eleanor. I am a 23 year old who is passionate about film. I was born and raised in East London, before moving down to Norfolk 6 years ago. Nevertheless, I had always been interested in film making, but I wasn't sure at first which path I wanted to take in Film. I had studied Film production for 2 years at West Suffolk College, which included creating my own short films, music videos and advertisements. By the end of college, I had achieved a Level 3 Diploma.

I know you're both thinking "alright so what had got you into Wedding Videography?" Well story cut short, a lovely friend of mine was getting married and asked me if I had looked into Wedding Videography, I hadn't, but I thought it would be a lovely thing to do for someone as they would be able to watch their special day over and over again, and share it with the people they love most dearly! I loved every hour, minute and second of filming their wedding day, there were just so many good vibes bouncing about and the energy of the whole day was fab! From filming the emotions and laughter it was a special moment for myself and the beautiful couple, and from that day, I've loved doing what I do!


As a Wedding Videographer, my main goal is to use my talent to showcase the raw emotion behind each wedding in an artistic and appealing way. With my experience and the positive feedback I’ve received from my past work, I’m confident that I’ll do an excellent job covering your magical day! I love working with people and find the human aspect inspirational. I look forward to capturing the most special day of your lifetime!



                                                                                   Eleanor x

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